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Current Work

Roughing Out "Listening While She Moves"

Roughing Out “Listening While She Moves” from a 5.5ton block of white Carrara marble.


Listening While She Moves, Maquette

Listening While She Moves, Maquette

My father wrote a fascinating, erudite, warm and unique autobiography which elegantly reflects his personality.  It traces a blessed childhood, a sudden, tough and early adulthood which developed through a world war and with the friendship and acquaintance of various famous people: poets, educators and explorers.  It also gives some beautiful reflections on life, philosophy, and education from a warm, wise and human soul.  The book is called “Listening While She Moves”.  “She” being among other things “life”.


My latest sculpture is a tribute to my late father and I am attempting to reflect some of the cleanness, wholeness and quirkiness of his character in an introspective overall shape.


The purchase of the block for this sculpture is described in “The Carraran Cantos”.  I believe that he would have enjoyed the references and the light-hearted style.